Certified tattooing specialist (director - black magic)

Passion towards art dragged me from dentistry to tattooing. My thirst in search of the knowledge of art will always remain unquenchable. According to me every new tattoo I ink is a new experience and teaches me more about the art of tattooing. All thanks to my teacher Micheal Glen Cowasji, who handed me the machine and passed on the trade. My teacher always believes "knowledge of art is infinite", now here I am treading his footsteps dedicating myself to the tattooing industry. Guys & girls drop down sometime to Black Magic coz "It's TIME TO GET INKED".


(Artist Black Magic)

According to me Tattoo is a "living art". My craziness towards art made me to drown myself into the sea of tattooing. I sincerely thank Black Magic for bringing out my hidden creative skills. My journey as an artist spreading colors for all ink lovers will never cease.


(Artist Black Magic)

The art of inking on skin is solitary. I am obliged to my teacher "REAPER" of black magic, who immersed me in this beautiful art. Every new tattoo in ink is ultimate bliss to me. The art of tattooing has enhanced my life in numerous ways.


(Artist Black Magic)

Though my fascination towards tattooing remains unquenchable, my initial attraction to this art still remains vague.
My preference towards heavy metal and rock music band members totally inked, spiced up my attachment with tattooing, those were in my initial and rebellious years, later my reformation made me love the artistic part of tattoos. I strongly believed it to be the true form of living art.
Now here I am as "RAVEN" transforming myself to take tattooing to the next level