Remove bandage from tattoo two to three hours after completion

Wash gently with cool or lukewarm water, using a mild antibacterial soap make sure not even bit of the bandage remains stuck to the tattoo.

Pat dry (do not rub)

Do not soak the tattoo in water or let the shower poured directly.

Avoid direct sun, sea, swimming pool and workouts until healed.

Refrain from picking at any scrub that may form, it will fall off as it heals, usually in 7 to 10 days.

Use ice packs if redness or swelling occurs.

Oil (Baby oil or Vitamin A & D cream) your tattoo regularly twice a day for the next two months, for it to get even, draw out the color, to look more vibrant and outstanding. Occasionally keep oiling your tattoo, to maintain it for the rest of your life.

Call your tattooist immediately if you have any queries, doubts or face any problems.

Complimentary touch up after 2 Months