Black Magic takes immense pride in posing her as the only tattoo studio with certified artists in south India. Our current unmatched combinations of artists enhancing the human canvas are Raj@Reaper (certified tattoo specialist), Valay@omen, Adam@Ware wolf, Gokul@vampire, Thamizh@Viper and Haritha@mystique.

Our StudioThe needles used by us are of high quality stainless steel, sterile and treated with EO gas. The inks used are the best ones in US and GERMAN markets. Which are totally organic based. Our studio is totally maintained to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administrative) Standards.

Though tattooing is the current fashion boom in western countries. It has also influenced the Indian metros like, Delhi, Bombay, Goa and Bangalore. Chennaites are not yet fully aware of the tattooing culture. We expect a welcome change in the Chennai and Puduchery fashion trend any moment, coz! We are already experiencing noticeable changes with our clients and are educating them.